Red: The First Chakra

The first chakra, Muladhara, is located at the base of our spine. It is the chakra associated with security, stability, and basic needs of life. The Red Chakra represents our roots, our foundation, our DNA; where we come from; who we come from. Red is the color of blood and birth. Giving a name to a child is one of the first things parents do at birth. That name will become the child’s identity, and he or she will carry that name with them throughout their life.

The first chakra is our sense of feeling “grounded” and owning our space in this world; the element is the earth.

Red is the color of passion. Red is alive; Primal; Confident; Passionate; Courageous. It is the color associated with desire, stability, security, and structure. The first chakra relates to our material existence. The need of our body to stay healthy and alive. If we don’t feel safe in our home- if our basic needs of life are not being met, we may feel fearful, angry, frustrated, insecure, weak, or disconnected.

Starting each new day by looking in the mirror and answering the question, “Right now, I Am____________” is a basic Red Chakra exercise. “I Am” is how we see ourselves. “I Am” determines our outlook, and our outlook determines our destiny.

The easiest way to re-align our red chakra is opposite the color wheel: Go into the green.

Red and green are complimentary colors. An imbalance in one can be countered by balancing the compliment. If you are feeling “uprooted”, the best place to find grounding is by connecting with nature. Go for a walk in the woods, lay in the grass, sit by a tree. Re-connect with Mother Earth.

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