Is your heart in it?

For a business to thrive
For a relationship to blossom
For anything new to survive & grow,
your heart must be in it. If it’s not, energy will be drained.

Energy is everything. We might describe a person or environment as having “good energy”. We feel good in their presence; we feel uplifted. We want more of “that.”

Work is the transfer of energy. The work we do can either lift us, drain us, or we coast on cruise control.
Do you feel a stir? Is there a voice in you that asks, “Is this who I am?” “Is this all there is to life?” Who are you NOW?

Red is the color of the first chakra.
The mantra is, “I AM”
Every new day is an opportunity to re-write your “I AM”
Every inhalation matching an exhalation completes a cycle
Your “I AM” is always changing, so who are you NOW?

Awakening from within
Chakya means, “to awaken from within”
It is the practice of unfolding. When we get the insides right, the outsides fall into place.
When we are rooted in our core purpose, grounded, safe and secure, we can operate from a place of love and compassion. Our heart overflows.

Create the Space
A daily practice of meditation brings us into alignment with our core purpose.
When we meditate, we create a safe and sacred space. We clear out distractions, and give ourselves permission to go within.

Within, is a place no one knows but us.
Within, is where the answers rest

The foreground is what grabs most people’s attention
When we meditate, we are in the background

We are the observer
Not the experiencer

This consciousness is your I AM
Consciousness ebbs and flows
You cannot know it
You can only be it

Nothing else is required
Than to accept what is here, now.
Who you are, where you are. Not the next moment. Not the last moment. This moment.

Accepting what is here now and who we are now
Internally and externally
Is the essence of meditation

The moment you accept,
You go beyond

Awakening the Red Chakra
When you see the color red, what comes to mind? Love, passion, power, courage?

Red is the color associated with the first chakra; our roots, our DNA. Red is the first color we loose sight of at twilight, and the highest arc of the rainbow. Red represents power, courage, survival, love.

Love and birth are both miraculous and messy. Awakenings happen through disillusion of form. Evolution would not be possible otherwise.

Consciousness is formless essence
That which is beyond the person
The essence, the energy, the love that shines through. The eternal, indestructible timeless love within you

Red Chakra Meditation
How do you know what your heart wants?
Look to where your mind goes when it wanders.

Meditation sparks imagination, inner peace, clarity, and reunites us with our inner guru.

Join me for a special Red Chakra Meditation tomorrow evening, Wednesday, February 15 from 7-8:30pm. We will be exploring deep facets of what red means to you.  Learn to identify the color’s compliment and how to activate and self-balance your chakra center. Excite your senses and join us for an evening of growth and healing, sure to leave you feeling loved inside and out! Register for the Red Chakra Workshop here:

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