Peace exists within us, always. Indoors or outdoors, we can “tune in” if we can “tune out”. Nature provides the ultimate space for healing to occur and for inspiration to be conceived. If you are new to meditation, or looking for a new technique for your practice, try our free earth chakra meditation.


1.) Create the space

Find a comfortable, quiet space – indoors or outdoors. Use the ChakyaGo cushion or blanket to create a safe, sacred, comfortable space. You may wish to use headphones to tune out background noise. You may close your eyes, or keep them fixed on a still, steady point in front of you – such as on the horizon.


2.) Connect with your breath

Simply notice your breath; how the chest rises and falls. Connect your breath to the movement in your body. Visualize the breath flowing like a wave, from the tips of your toes up through the crown of your head, and back down.


3.) Let it come. Let it go. Let it be.

Imagine that your thoughts, worries and emotions are like waves in the ocean, passing through your mind. You are a spectator, watching the show. You might assign a thought or feeling to a particular wave. Watch that wave form off in a distance. Watch it gain momentum as it rises and crashes on the shore. Watch the water gently disappear into the sand, as the tide recedes. Allow that worry to wash away with the tide, and let it go.


Meditate anywhere, anytime

The ChakyaGo is an all-in-one travel companion with infinite uses. This all-in-one piece converts from a weather-resistant cushion into a cozy blanket with built-it storage. The ChakyaGo is designed to make meditation easy and convenient. It creates the space to meditate anywhere, anytime. To make one yours, click here.

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