Why do we circle things?

So we remember them?

Are we forgetful?

Or are there too many things to remember?

Pings, dings, reminders, buzzers, alarms, updates…our brains are like a supercomputer, and can get overloaded…and sometimes, just shut down.

Data from TechCrunch and Kahuna team out of Palo Alto, CA indicates that 60% of mobile users turn push notifications off.  Could it be that users are seeking less…not more?

What Are You Seeking?

Purple is the color associated with wisdom and intuition. It blends the stability and authenticity of blue with the energy and determination of red. Intuition implies a vibrational reading of energy. Intuition is a feeling of transitioning without a visual translation. Being intuitive requires trust. Self-trust. How does one develop intuition? Listening. Quieting the mind. Turning off the notifications, reminders, pings and dings…and tuning in.

What we are seeking is seeking us

To get clear answers, we must ask the right questions. Are you seeking clarity, space, and maybe just a little less? Purple is our most popular color in meditation classes, and first color to sell out in our meditation cushion collection. Could the demand for purple indicate something deeper? Is there a correlation between the speed our lives are operating and the draw for peace and deep inner wisdom?

Power Down to Power Up

Meditation is a practice in calming the mind, powering down and resetting; re-calibrating synapses so neurotransmitters can fire properly, enabling us to perform in life at peak performance.

Stress throws us off center. The brain and body naturally know how to reset themselves, if we allow enough time and space for peace and quiet. Setting aside 10 minutes in the morning, evening, and throughout the day whenever we feel triggered, is an chance to re-calibrate. Sit comfortably, close your eyes, practice deep breathing and follow the breath as it flows through your body.

Retract from the React

We all have triggers. Absorbing stress or fighting it throws the brain out of balance, as it reinforces a reactionary pattern. The next time we encounter that stressor, we can choose to react or retract. We always have a choice. Meditation is training the mind to allow the stress to pass over us without absorbing it. Just as we condition our body, we can train our brains to remain calm and centered. Habits form behaviors that shape our lives.  Mindfulness teaches us to ebb and flow with the changing phases of life.

When it doubt, breathe it out.

Breath is what re-centers us. Breath is what stills the spinning, until our minds can calibrate the next step.

Welcome to our circle!

Our collection of meditation products are specifically designed to be lightweight, machine washable, and portable. Our products are hand-made in Los Angeles, California using eco-friendly and recycled fabrics. Designed as a convenient traveling companion for those moments we seek to connect our inner world with the outer world. Having a meditation prop is not necessary…but it is a friendly reminder of a healthy habit, and makes the seat of our journey a tad more comfortable. Where do you want to go? Where could meditation take you?

We invite you to become part of a movement centered in meditation. Meditation brings us in harmony with creation and our life purpose. When we align from within, we organize our life energies, we can operate from a more peaceful place. Our commitment is to provide tools that encourage a path to inner peace and self-discovery. We are part of a consciousness movement that supports a healthy perspective on life, love, and health. Welcome to our circle!

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