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Life is our greatest journey, and we all travel a path that is uniquely our own. Whether you need a travel blanket, best yoga mat at home, at the gym yoga mat, or using it as an outdoor blanket, you can own your space in this world with the revolutionary new ChakyaGo Travel Companion. Check out all of our great items to help expand your yoga practice.

  • Chakya Mat™ $199
  • ChakyaGo™ Backpack Edition $95
  • Chakya Blankets $75
  • Chakya Cushions $54
  • Chakya Meditation

    Journey Out. Journey In. Meditate anywhere. All-in-one traveling meditation retreat. Unfold your own creation.


    Chakya Body

    Are you ready to enter into the next dimension? Coming soon is our wearable line. 


    Chakya Gear

    Everything from pens to water bottles. Explore our gear that can help take your practice to the next dimension. 


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